Eko Air

The only manufacturer
of brazed plate heat
exchangers in this area

Eko Air

EKO AIR is owned by former BPHE market professionals and entrepreneurial industry specialists.

Located 20 km outside of Riga, in Salaspils (Latvia), the factory offers good access to its customer base.

EKO AIR is specialized in BPHE only. As genuine original manufacturer, we ownand control the entire production and value-added process. Modern machinery and technology allows us to produce quality product in a reliable and timely manner at superior costs.

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You can order a heat exchanger by filling out a order form in our website or by sending a request to our e-mail address.


Production and head office:

"Eko Air" Ltd., 30D, Miera str., Salaspils, Latvia LV-2169



SIA EKO AIR Anti-corruption policy


The activities of LLC EKO AIR are intended to prevent the possibility of corruption at the company, promoting honesty, openness and responsibility among its employees, business partners, clients and suppliers. More...




Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends!


Let us introduce the new model of heat exchanger NB55X.

NB55X is an upgraded version of the most popular model NB53X. Advantages of NB55X compared to the standard model:

  • Reduced level of pressure drop up to 10%;
  • Increased efficiency of the heat exchanger by up to 10%;
  • The structural strength of a heat exchanger is increased due to an additional stiffening rib;

Taken into consideration the needs of customers, the distances between the connectors remained the same as on the standard model. Despite all the improvements and advantages compared to the standard model, we left the prices for the improved NB55X the same as for the NB53X.

* An updated version of the heat exchanger selection program with the option of choosing an improved NB55X model will be available soon.  Before the release of updated software, please contact our managers to perform calculations.

We will be happy to answer all your questions. We look forward to furthering mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation!


Best regards,