Laser marking

SIA "EKO AIR" offers services of laser marking 
(drawing logo of the company, 1D or 2D bar code, etc.)

Basics of heat transfer

Heat exchangers are to best facilitate heat transfer between two or more heat transfer fluids without mixing....

Time to innovate innovation

The brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) is a product of modern innovative technology. Production of BPHE started only 25 years back...

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Production and head office:

"Eko Air" Ltd., 30D, Miera str., Salaspils, Latvia LV-2169




Heat exchangers in the Green Energy

The rapid development of alternative sources of heat and the search for new solutions in the Green Energy sector gave a stupendous impetus for the creation of new brazed plate heat exchangers. The main consumer of heat exchangers are manufacturers of heat pumps for heating and domestic hot water for heating.


EKO AIR has developed a series of heat exchangers NB538 ideal for such decisions. EKO AIR is also offering double wall (DW) exchangers, providing additional control over the leaks.